If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, you can be sure that you’re not alone.

The thing is, you CAN overcome alcohol addiction. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And although the journey to living a sober life may be a bumpy one, the end results are well worth the hard work and perseverance. The truth is, the advantages of living a sober life are endless and it will change your life in so many different positive ways. Here are just a few.

Free yourself of the shame, guilt, and embarrassment

Once you can fully commit yourself to being sober you can free yourself of the shame, guilt and embarrassment that goes hand in hand with being an addict. To redefine yourself and the relationship you have with yourself in this way is a massive undertaking but will ultimately lead to a positive life outlook. You can feel proud of the person you have become and the lifestyle you have broken out of.

Have better finances

Be fair here, having an alcohol addiction is symbiotic to being broke. Funding the level of alcohol consumption needed to fuel your addiction is not cheap. Not only are you spending money on store-bought alcohol, but you’re also likely spending a pretty penny in local clubs and pubs on top of that.

Once you have stopped drinking, you may be shocked at just how much more money you have in the bank than usual. You can start to invest your money in things that matter, buy yourself a ‘feel-good’ new outfit or treat yourself to a full gym membership. With that bit of extra financial backing, you can really open up new avenues in your life.

Look Good! Feel Good!

When you stop loading your body with toxins every day your appearance drastically improves. Fact. Once you’ve stopped drinking, you’ll begin to notice certain aspects of your appearance will start to improve. Overall you’ll appear brighter and healthier. To be specific- for many, there is a significant improvement in terms of hair, complexion, dark circles and weight. Not only is this a positive physical change, but it’s also a mental and emotional one. Look good, feel good!

Improved relationships

When you’re in the grips of addiction it becomes harder and harder to maintain friendships, relationships and family ties. Be it your partner, mother, brother, sister or best friend- they come second to your addiction.

Once you have conquered your addiction your relationships can become your sole priority, you can begin to re-establish your friendships and family. This can help you maintain your sobriety and feed your new lease of life.

Remember the night before!

Waking up and having a fractured memory of the night before can cause undue stress and anxiety- which in turn can further sustain your dependence. The best feeling when living a sober life? Waking up with a clear spirit and mind. No forgotten memories, no shame, no guilt and no worry. You can go on living and remembering every second of your new life.

Your Work Ethic Improves

Following on from waking every morning with a clear head- Once sober you can wake up every morning ready and raring to go to your job and to perform at your best. Your sobriety will lead to better clarity, focus and drive. This will ultimately lead to you getting more joy out of your day-to-day life and maybe even a step up the job ladder. Even more reason to commit to a clean lifestyle

Gain Respect of those around you

Overcoming your addiction and maintaining a sober lifestyle will undoubtedly garner the respect of the people around you. Your friends, family and co-workers. Overcoming addiction is no easy feat and everybody knows it. People will look up to you and release the strength you have in overcoming your addiction.

Feel more energised

When your main focus is to fuel your addiction it can be exhausting. Binge drinking can cause trouble, without a proper night’s sleep it’s hard for your brain to function throughout the day. Your body has to work overtime to keep going throughout the day, exhausting yourself quickly. Free yourself from addiction and you will begin to get a solids night sleep every night.

You Can Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the most overtly significant things you will notice after going sober is a drop in excess weight. This healthy decline in weight happens because your body is no longer getting an injection of excess calories every day. Once sober, your body will mainly receive calories from healthier options and your overall health will improve drastically.

All as a result of living a sober life

From having more energy and improving your physical appearance to bettering your relationship with yourself and others, these benefits have the power to be life-changing.

If you feel you need a helping hand overcoming your addiction please contact us. You can also reach us through our Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram. We are always available to help.

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We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

23 The Street, BapchildSittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

23 The Street , BapchildSittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

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