Support For Families Affected By Addiction

At The Recovery Lodge, we know that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual suffering with it. Addiction is a complex issue that can have a large impact on entire families, friends, coworkers, and more and supporting someone through the addiction recovery process comes with its own challenges.

Dealing with addiction within the family can be overwhelming and stressful, and we understand the importance of providing a caring and understanding environment for the family members of our addiction recovery clients. This is why we’ve introduced our new Family Support Counselling program, designed exclusively for families affected by addiction.

Join our monthly group sessions

We’re running group counselling sessions every month, providing a safe space for family members to come together, share experiences, and find solace in the company of people in similar situations who understand the struggles of addiction that you face. Our experienced and compassionate counsellors will be there to facilitate and guide discussions, offer advice, and provide valuable information to help you cope with the various aspects of addiction recovery. We strongly believe that providing support to the families of those recovering from addiction will ultimately aid in the addiction recovery process and help the whole family unit heal and move forward together.

When and where do our family group sessions take place?

Our Family Support Counselling sessions will be held on the last Saturday of every month between 2pm and 4pm. The sessions will take place in a supportive and nurturing setting at The Recovery Lodge, where you will find a welcoming and confidential environment to share your thoughts and emotions freely.

Free addiction recovery counselling for families

We believe that access to support for family members of our addiction recovery clients should never be a financial burden. Therefore, our Family Support Counselling sessions are completely free of charge for those with family members receiving support from The Recovery Lodge. Our primary focus is on helping your family heal, and we want to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your recovery and growth.

Our Family Support Counselling starts 30th September 2023

Our Family Support Counselling program begins on Saturday 30th September and will continue on the last Saturday of every month between 2pm and 4pm at The Recovery Lodge. Take this opportunity to start your family’s journey towards recovery and understanding and meet like minded families going through similar situations.

You are not alone

Remember, you are not alone in this journey – addiction affects more than the individual and each year, thousands of families are affected by a relative’s addiction. Together, we can find strength, support, and hope, navigating the path towards healing and recovery hand in hand.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you on this journey.

Book your spot

To reserve your place in the upcoming session or to book onto any of our future sessions, please call us on 01795 431751. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

23 The Street, BapchildSittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

23 The Street , BapchildSittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

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