Residential Addiction Treatment In Kent

Addiction Treatment Services at The Recovery Lodge

Our priority is to offer individual support and attention to clients in a welcoming and comfortable environment with treatment programs, holistic therapies and group therapies all within a residential setting.

Working alongside support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous we ensure that you undergo personalised addiction counselling to help you recover.

We understand that every individual suffers with their addiction in a different way which is why we offer Anxiety Stress-Free Addiction Assessments prior to induction to our treatment programme.

Our CQC report findings include the following:

“Clients told us staff were extremely supportive and caring, interested in their well-being and always respectful whilst supporting them with their individual needs. They felt involved empowered and active partners in the planning of their care or treatment. Staff were quick to respond to their needs whilst enabling them to be as independent as possible. Clients told us group activities and therapy sessions were engaging, varied and focused on their recovery needs. They felt the service was homely and had a holistic approach.”

They go on to say

“Relatives told us they were extremely confident in the care provided by staff to their relatives and they felt they were safe at the service. They felt actively involved in their relative’s care and understood agreement had to be given by the client. Clients and relatives spoke very highly of the family intervention sessions which were hosted prior to discharge. Clients felt they encouraged open and honest discussions about their addiction and recovery and relatives told us they benefited from understanding the process.”

Why Choose a Private Rehab in Kent

The professional team at our residential rehabilitation centre here in Kent are second to none, we receive glowing reviews and are proud to support people suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction and substance dependence in our unique countryside setting. With outstanding rehab facilities and a vast local support network, our success rates speak for themselves.

The Recovery Lodge
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I spent 4weeks there last year not knowing what to expect. I was 39 years old and I had tried to get clean on my own so many times before. These guys really went into detail about my addictions and help me understand why and what they are. I can't thank them enough and am a better man/son/brother/uncle/human for spending 4 weeks with them!Thank you so much!!Shout out to Ian, Tamzin!!! Stay brilliant!
13:50 19 Sep 23
I owe everyone at the Recovery Lodge so much.. having struggled for many years, the work of all the staff and therapists is amazing... they are all very kind, with great understanding of recovery and made my stay there a turning point in my life.The house is like home, it’s clean and comfortable. A small number of clients means that everyone is looked after really well.I highly recommend the Recovery Lodge 😀
Rhys SprattRhys Spratt
15:23 23 Aug 23
Coming to the recovery lodge is definitely the best thing I've ever done, I had hit rock bottom and the lodge knew exactly how to help me. All the staff are amazing and know exactly what they are talking about. As soon as i entered the lodge it felt like a second home to me, you get an amazing welcome and I got the help I needed. Thankyou everyone at the lodge for helping me through my struggles.
Lloyd WaghornLloyd Waghorn
11:44 23 Aug 23
I came to The Recovery Lodge at the lowest point in my life. I was addicted to alcohol, and I had lost everything: my job, my home, my relationships. I was hopeless and didn't know where to turn.But The Recovery Lodge gave me hope. The staff are incredibly supportive and understanding truly going above and beyond. They helped me to understand my addiction and how to overcome it. They also taught me the skills I need to stay sober in the long term.I am now 11 months sober, and I can honestly say that Recovery Lodge saved my life. I am so grateful for the care and support that I received there. It is impossible to truly show my gratitude.Here are some specific ways that Recovery Lodge changed my life:They taught about the science of addiction and what I can do to positively change my life long term.They helped me to develop coping mechanisms and tools for dealing with the manageability of day to day LifeI learned how to build a sober support network.I gained the confidence to believe in myself and my ability to stay sober.I am now living a healthy and fulfilling life. I am back to work, I have rebuilt my relationships, and I am doing things that I never thought possible. My life has been renewed I am so grateful to Recovery Lodge for giving me the chance to turn my life around.Not only did they help me, they were supportive and helpful to my family and loved ones.If you are struggling with addiction, I urge you to reach out to Recovery Lodge. They can help you to change your life too.Here are some additional things that I would like to say about Recovery Lodge:The facilities were clean and comfortable.The food was healthy and delicious.The activities were varied and engaging.The staff were friendly and compassionate.I would highly recommend Recovery Lodge to anyone who is struggling with addiction. It is a place where you can get the help you need to turn your life around.
Sylvia DaviesSylvia Davies
19:08 05 Jul 23
I can only say, thanks to the staff here who were amazing when i needed support they all helped me get my life back on track!!I would recommend the recovery lodge to anyone that is struggling x
Del BryantDel Bryant
14:11 29 Jun 23
I will always be grateful for what the staff in the recovery lodge have done for me and my family, I arrived in a desperate state feeling I had lost myself to my addiction, but after spending 28 days here giving everything I had into the program I left with the knowledge and understanding of what my illness had done to me and how to live in recovery. What the staff and owners do here is incredible, the structure and implementation of the Therapy sessions are what made the difference to the outcome of my recovery, I hope this message reaches someone who is in the place I was and helps takes the brave step to change their life as it has done for me.
Joe ChandlerJoe Chandler
12:26 24 Mar 23
Firstly, I thought I had left a message/rating when I left the lodge 6 years but turns out I hadn't.Secondly, after reading through the reviews, I am gob smacked that some people left 1 star rating. They obviously wasn't ready to stop their drinking/druguse and didn't open up to the whole recovery phase.Thirdly and lastly to my review. I can honestly say that the lodge saved my life. Without the help of everyone who worked there I probably wouldn't be around today or if I was I wouldn't have my wife and oldest boy in my life. Everyone who works there are so kind and caring and the lodge has such a lovely energy. I want to say thankyou to everyone who helped me get to where I am today, which is the happiest and most grateful place I have ever been. Special thank you to Jamie, Donna, Dennis and Jules.
Jack BartlettJack Bartlett
11:53 31 May 22
This place has genuinely saved my life. I came in absolutely broken due to my alcohol addiction, as well as going through some pretty rough bereavements recently. They helped me more than I can explain in a review. They have given me the perfect grounding to start my new life, after care support is brilliant and introducing me to AA has been an absolute godsend. All the staff here are genuinely amazing and it's such a homely, safe space. I'd recommend the Recovery Lodge to anyone struggling. 40 days sober now, which is an absolute miracle, I'm looking forward to updating my review in a few months time.
Jamie O'ConnellJamie O'Connell
20:50 20 Mar 22
I can't speak highly enough of this place it has not only saved my life but it has created a whole new way of life for me. I was completely broken and suicidal when I came in and in my mind the lodge was my last hope, it exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Every member of staff there has been a part of my journey and have contributed in making it the best experience of my life. There's so much care and love in this place, I've made so many new friends inside the rehab and in the AA fellowship I just can't believe how much my life has turned around in such a short space of time. I'll never look back now. Massive shout out to Donna and Jamie who have put their heart and souls into creating a fantastic rehab where so many people have turned their lives around. If you want it badly enough and you listen and take on board everything they tell you and then put it into action you cannot fail, it really does work.Thank you to everyone at the lodge I will be forever grateful .
Matthew WatsonMatthew Watson
17:00 17 Dec 21
I can’t say anything better about the recovery lodge apart from it literally saved my life. My wife and friend put me in there after being a alcoholic for 20yrs and on the verge of death, and I honestly didn’t care if I lived or died. I had no hope of life until engaging with the fantastic staff and owners who in 28 days helped me to believe in myself and regain my hope for living. The great thing about the recovery lodge is they start you on the 12 step program and take you to meetings, and because your in a small group you get to spend a lot of time with some great therapists and staff who have experienced what you have been through. I left the lodge with hope, faith, and courage and I will be forever grateful. I have also made some brilliant friendships that will be for life.
Stuart JohnsonStuart Johnson
10:18 18 Oct 21
The staff saved my life and turned it around.My life now is amazing now thanks to the lodge.Its like a gateway to a new life.Thank youso much for what you done for meStu x
Samantha MorganSamantha Morgan
07:48 29 Jul 21
If your struggling with addiction and want to change your life I would recommend The Recovery Lodge all day long the whole experience is next level.I spent 4 weeks here in November 2020 and I've never looked back.I turned up a complete mess, I was scared and hopeless and my life had fallen to pieces around me. Rehab was last resort and I wasn't convinced it would work.I couldn't of been more wrong, I left the recovery lodge a new person. My whole outlook changed, I was proud of myself and hopeful about my future.Most importantly I left with the tools I needed to continue my recovery journey.It is the staff here that make this place what it is. They are all such genuine, passionate and inspiring people who work hard to help people get well. I can't thank everyone at the recovery lodge enough.I have an amazing life today and I am very proud to say that today I have over 8 months sobriety. Recovery is possible one day at a time.Big love for the lodge xx

Kent Addiction Support Groups and Addiction Counselling

There is a huge variety of support in Kent for those suffering from addiction. In the area, there are various Alcoholics Anonymous chapters, support groups and treatment programmes. Our private rehab offers individualised treatments for each person these include group therapies (if appropriate) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Oxted
    Address: Holland Road, Oxted RH8 9BN
    Phone: 0800 917 7650
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Ashford
    Address: Ashford TN23 9FS
    Phone: 0845 769 7555

How To Get To and From Kent

Coming from:

  • Essex – There are 4 ways to get from Essex to Kent by train, bus or car, 2 hours by train
    via Ashford International, 3 hours by a train and bus combination, 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.
  • Surrey – Surrey to Kent is a 1 hour drive or 2 hours by train.
  • Sussex – Sussex to Kent is also a 1 hour drive or 2 and a half hours by bus and train.
  • London – London to Kent is also a 1 hour drive or just over an hour by train

Find us

Address: 23 The Street, Bapchild, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

Call us: 01795 43175

what3words address: ///slave.dome.swift

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Making the phone call for help can be a daunting first step for those struggling with addiction!

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We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

23 The Street, BapchildSittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

23 The Street , BapchildSittingbourne, Kent, ME9 9AD

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