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The amazing people at Breaking Free Online have created the Lower My Drinking website to check how much you’re drinking and the impact it could be having on your health. 

Kent Online have reported that estimates show the majority of people (75%) drink sensibly and in safe limits but in Kent, 288,433 people are drinking above the recommended safe limits – with 23% at increasing or higher risk and 2% are dependent on alcohol.

Speaking in the report Jess Mookherjee, Kent County Council Public Health Consultant said: “We want more people to get the support they need at the right time. People who are affected by alcohol addiction do not have to suffer alone, we want them to get help.”

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You can easily download the Lower My Drinking app to make a start in cutting down, just use one of the buttons below. You can also sign up to receive our regular support email.  If, however, you feel that you need the support of our dedicated team we’re on hand to answer any questions that you may have.