How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint in writing by letter, or by completing a complaints form via fax, email or telephone. If you are emailing, please let us know if a reply by email is acceptable and if not, please provide a telephone number or full postal address.

Complaints should normally be directed to the member of staff with whom you have been dealing. This will give them the opportunity to explain what actions have been taken and to try to sort things out with you. If you would prefer, you can ask the member of staff for the name of their line manager and direct your complaint to them.

What happens next?

We will use our best endeavours to:

  1.  Treat complaints thoroughly, fairly and politely and investigate them sensivitely.
  2. Respond promptly. Our target for replying to complaints is 28 working days from the date of receipt. If it is not possible to give you a full reply within this time - for instance, if detailed investigation is required - we will give you an interim response, telling you what is being done to deal with your complaint and when you can expect the full reply and from whom.
  3. Our first response to your complaint should resolve your problem; however, if you are unhappy with our reply or need further help, you can write to The Recovery Lodge's Registered Manager who will consider the issues afresh and try to resolve them.

Our Registered Manager is:

Donna Akhurst

The Recovery Lodge

23 The Street