How to access treatment for friend or relative suffering from addiction

Seeing a friend or loved-one’s life spiral out of control can be just as traumatising for family and friends than the addict themselves. To help someone in denial we need to convince them that there are other ways to cope and address the underlying issues.

If your friend or relative is suffering from an addiction and is in a position to self-fund treatment please make contact now on 01795 431751 to discuss the treatment options available. If appropriate we will take some details and contact your friend or relative directly to provide some professional intervention and begin the assessment process.


The assessment will cover any physical, psychological and emotional health needs to ensure that our facilities and programmes are suitable for every individual. Since the aim is rehabilitation, patients must be able to self-care and have sufficient cognitive function to understand and engage in the programme.

Once our assessment has been completed, and both parties feel that the treatment programme is suitable, an admission date will be offered.


To make the first step in changing your life and overcome your addictions please call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751