At The Recovery Lodge we understand that family support is crucial to a successful recovery. Families are hugely affected by having a family member suffering with an alcohol or drug addiction. However, treatment outcomes are positively enhanced by family involvement and support.  It can be difficult to get someone else to recognise that they are dependent on drugs or alcohol, but we can talk to you about how our intervention can help.

How can I get help for an alcoholic or drug addict?

If you are worried for a friend or loved one because of their alcohol or drug dependency and need help due to them showing resistance, we can help to initiate an intervention within a sensitive environment. Our highly trained intervention team are able to provide the support and information needed to ensure the highest chance of your loved one taking their first steps to recovery.

The Recovery Lodge Family Support Team are specifically there to guide families throughout the recovery process, from admissions through to aftercare. Each family will be assigned a family support coordinator so they feel comfortable in having someone to turn to 24/7.

Addiction affects the whole family often leaving relationships damaged and strained. We will work with both the client and their family to reconnect and rebuild relationships with regular family support groups. We also offer weekend visits during the latter stages of treatment. This helps the patient to settle back in to family life and sustain a long standing recovery.


For immediate assistance and addiction help please call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751