Primary Care Residential Rehabilitation

Primary Care offers high support and quality care in a private residential setting. Each day is carefully planned and includes treatment therapies, activities and exercises. Every individual is encouraged and supported to work on addressing the difficult and often challenging issues which led to the destructive and negative patterns in their lives.  This is acheived by engaging in group therapy sessions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), 12-step work and one-to-one counselling.

Treatments are designed to help patients identify what triggers their addictive behaviour and provide them with the tools they need to change this behaviour and enjoy a happy, healthy life.

It is important that the individual learns to understand their addiction and the reasons behind it in order to avoid any future relapse.


The evenings are a chance to unwind and relax or to participate in a mutual aid group.

We offer all residents therapeutic massages by a trained specialist, as well as the opportunity to go on walks to explore some of the local countryside. It’s just as important to learn how to be able to relax, reflect and rest.

This is the first step to reclaiming your life from addiction. Changes in lifestyle and your thinking will help you maintain your recovery.

Make the first step into recovery please call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751