We welcome privately funded clients. Please feel free to call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751 to discuss your payment options.

One of the advantages in paying for your treatment privately is the admission speed. You may wish to return to work and family life swiftly or have a concern about your immediate health which other admission routes may prohibit.

Private paying clients can also expect to receive all their treatment from the same organisation, and from the same locality. National Health patients typically have to deal with greater beaurocracy before state funding may, if at all, be made available.

All of our care is provided at the one location; therefore you can expect to deal with the same medical staff throughout your stay, ensuring good relationships are formed with your Support Worker and Therapists.

Our treatment costs are all-inclusive with no hidden costs.

Private admissions can be arranged immediately.


To make the first step in changing your life please call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751