If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important you act quickly in seeking help. To help you in deciding whether to make contact, please see the list below of some common symptoms associated with addictions:

You, your family, friends and loved ones are invited to make contact with us to discuss your needs. You will be supported throughout the assessment process, working at a pace agreed between yourself and the staff.

Together we will agree a date and time of admission and, where possible, encourage families and friends to accompany you. If you, a friend or loved one does require treatment or would like further information, please make contact now.

Whenever possible we always welcome new clients, their families and friends to come and have a look and to get a feel of the centre. It is going to be your ‘home’ for a short while so it is important that you feel comfortable.

For immediate assistance and addiction help please call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751