Rehabilitation Clinic in Kent

The Recovery Lodge is a twelve step rehab centre in Kent that offers treatment for drug and alcohol addictions and believes in total abstinence. The rehab centre accepts both male and female residents, over the age of 18, of all religions and nationalities.

We offer rehabilitation programmes for the following substance addictions and maladaptive behaviours:

Whatever the addiction is that you are suffering from, we are here to help.



At The Recovery Lodge, treatment programmes are initiated over a variation of durations and are tailored to the individual needs of our residents. This begins with a thorough assessment upon admittance.

If necessary, the first stage you will undergo is detoxification, which The Recovery Lodge can offer in a safe and controlled environment.

We also offer individual one to one sessions and psycho-educational group therapy, helping clients deal with the underlying issues of addiction which is essential for their long lasting recovery.

Our Family Support Team are solely there for our patients' loved ones, offering counselling and supportive aftercare with a designated family support coordinator. If intervention is required, our Family Support Team are trained to guide and assist in initiating the first steps to recovery.

We never give up on an individual even if they have given up on themselves. We positively strive to go through every step of the recovery process with our clients. Our first hand experiences allow us to empathise with both the patient and their families so they never feel alone in the recovery from addiction.

To make the first step in changing your life call The Recovery Lodge on 01795 431751