I had a severe alcohol and substance abuse addiction problem for many years which culminated in despair, severe depression and suicidal thoughts over the last few years.  I always tried to stop drinking on my own and tried numerous rehabilitation centres (rehabs) for detoxification in believing that once I left a detox unit I could fight the battle myself from there on in.

Looking back on this journey that ultimately brought me to The Recovery Lodge, I realised during my treatment there how deluded and how much in denial and resistance there was in me to overcome my alcohol abuse, thinking there was no way I could get myself out of this vicious circle - spiralling out of control with no hope and prospects to look forward to no more.  I was finished, done, beaten, cooked!

The best way to describe it is that I was in a hole for many years, tried all types of alternate therapies, and whilst in that hole, doctors, psychiatrists and therapists came past and I pleaded for help - they wrote me prescriptions and threw it down the the hole and moved on.  Priests came past and again I pleaded for help to get me out of that hole but nothing could be done, they prayed for me and moved on.

One day somebody came past, and again, I pleaded for help to get me out of this hole, and to my suprise, this person jumped in the hole with me and I said "What have you done!? - now we are both in the hole with no chance of ever getting out!" that man replied "I have been in that hole before and i know a way out!"  That man was the owner of The Recovery Lodge.

Today, thanks to the efforts of the rehabilitation team and the owners of the Lodge, I feel alive again.  I surrendered, taking their suggestions and ran with it.

Following those suggestions, I am now blessed with a program that is amazing in aiding my recovery and in keeping my sobriety.  A transformation I could never imagined would have happened otherwise or never experienced from any other rehab visited on previous occasions.  For me personally, this experience bears no comparison with any rehab or detoxification unit I tried and experienced in the past.

Today, I am living a productive and joyful existence, thanks to the holistic approach, guidance, support, care, therapies on offer and suggestions The Recovery Lodge provided, for which I am eternally grateful.

By : Anon
Updated On Sunday 17th July 2016